XXL Suitcase: Why and How to Choose?

Starting a trip can be an exciting experience. Even so, not all trips are the same and for those long trips where you need a lot of space to carry your personal items, XXL suitcases have been manufactured.

So you know if this type of luggage is what you need, then we talk about its features and the best models on the market.

Why buy an XXL suitcase?

An XXL trolley is a common type of luggage that has a large size that allows you to carry a lot of clothes and accessories. They are designed with large compartments, straps, pockets and other details that allow you to carry clothes and personal items for up to a month of travel or for those large families that must carry the belongings of all members.


This is a type of luggage that offers that comfort and tranquility you need when planning a long stay. With your purchase, you will have some advantages that are worth considering:

Ample storage space that allows you to carry a lot of luggage if you need to move or even for trips to destinations in winter, where clothes take up more space.

Comfort to carry everything in one place. Instead of needing two or three small suitcases, you carry it all only in one and with the help of its 2 or 4 multi-directional wheels and removable handle you will handle it without a problem.

You save a lot of money, since, instead of making three different expenses in suitcases, you do it in just one.

They are very attractive and useful, so you will never go unnoticed, choose the model you choose.

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However, this type of luggage also offers some inconveniences such as:

They take up a lot of space, especially when you keep them at home after your trips.They must be billed and, being larger than the standard of measures, you may have to pay a fee for excess measures or weight.

How to choose XXL suitcase?

When we are ready to buy one to take it to those vacations that we have in mind, we cannot choose the cheapest or the most beautiful one. Before choosing the ideal XXL model, check out these three important criteria to look for:

Quality of materials

The quality of the materials is one of the first things you should keep in mind. As simple as these materials are going to be the identity of your luggage and those who are going to decide whether it will last for years or a few months.

Today, there are models of polypropylene, ABS, nylon, polyester and countless other innovative and patented materials for each brand. Bet on the best and the toughest, since being a large suitcase will go in the hold of the plane, where you will receive more impacts. Make sure you choose well.


This is another important criterion, the cheapest one no longer always offers the best features.

If what you want is to save, look carefully at the comments and opinions of other buyers regarding the cheap models that exist in the market.

If, on the contrary, you have already decided that you do not want a cheap XXL suitcase but a higher-priced or high-end one, pay attention that the fact that it is more expensive does not mean that it is better. Our advice is that you look at everything it offers and put it in the balance along with its price.

Suitcase details

Finally, it is very important that among the details and accessories of your luggage there are some good multi-directional wheels, preferably four before two, that allow you to carry it rolling with complete tranquility and comfort.

The telescopic handle is also important, so don’t let it pass. In the same way, their pockets and their internal storage are also important, which must be ample and organized, so that you can carry well-ordered clothes and personal items. Finally, make sure you have a lock or padlock, it never hurts to invest in security.

What is the best XXL suitcase?

Now that you know everything you need to choose your ideal XXL travel suitcase, it is time for you to know the best models that exist in the market and consider which one best suits your needs.

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