What Should The Crew or Hostesses Carry In Their Luggage?

The hostesses play an important role inside the plane Why? It is nothing more and nothing less than the representatives of the line and its behavior, as well as everything they have with them, will generate expectations in the passenger.

As a Commercial Aviation student, you must have been curious to know the daily life of these professionals, what they bring as luggage, among others.

Just the last we will talk next because if in the future you want to become a cabin crew, you must take into account the baggage you must carry in your backpack, depending on the trip you take. Pay close attention to the following:


Having a bag is a good alternative to carry light things. In this case, cabin crew can use this object to carry their license, medical certificate, passport, as well as personal items such as makeup, wallet and cell phone.

What Should The Crew or Hostesses Carry In Their Luggage?

Flight bag

This is totally different. Normally, the flight luggage is those suitcases with wheels that the crew or hostesses usually have at the time they roam the airport on duty. It carries all the necessary material for a flight.

These are Manual of safety and emergency regulations, circulars in force, collection portfolio, calculator, pens, notebook, overcoat, vest or boarding jacket, low shoes, toiletries, reflective vest, among others. It should be noted that those crew members who wear measuring lenses must have a spare one.

Suitcase for the night

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most difficult parts to do before a flight. This is because we will not always fall in a city that has the same climate as the previous one and it is so, a balance must be kept between the clothes of hot or cold climates.

These can be Short shorts, t-shirts, jackets, sandals, comfortable shoes (if you want to go sightseeing in the cities), replacement uniforms, slippers, pajamas, bikinis, among others.


Having an adapter for your trips is important, because, each country has different input plugs. If you forget this, you will not be able to charge your cell phone, among other objects that require electrical energy.

Commercial Aviation is one of the races of the moment in Peru and as such, we offer it. Do you want to know more about it? Pay attention to the following:

Our graduates will have a professional profile that will allow them to work in important national and international airlines, on cruise ships, inland companies, such as Terrazas; in travel agencies and as cabin crew and travel agency managers.

Career objectives

  1. To train competitive professionals for the transport and attention of passengers in means of air transport.
  2. Train professionals capable of boosting tourism as counter and travel agents.
  3. Achieve in our graduates all the knowledge to work as cabin crew in the different areas.

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