What Is The Best Luggage for The Weekend?

The weekend comes and you want to escape to the beach or the mountain for a few days. But first, you must consider what type of suitcase to carry. It should be a simple decision, but it gets complicated when you have to decide between a large or medium suitcase and what accessories are really necessary.

There are many brands and you can choose one with a soft or hard structure, which is light, has wheels, and can be easily loaded. In addition, there is a wide collection of promotional models, made with quality materials, which include a security lock and other novelties.


Luggage for a weekend must have some features that make it ideal for a 3 or 4-day getaway.

Although we always want to take everything, the important thing is to prioritize, use the space properly and avoid being charged for excess weight.


Traveling by car is very different from catching a plane or train. There is no concern about the billing fee and the blows your luggage will receive.

The recommended ones have 30 and 50 (S and M) liters capacity, which is often enough for a short trip.


The luggage has evolved and now you get pieces made of polyester, ABS and polypropylene that are very light, reliable and resistant.

That allows you to easily carry them from one side to the other without having to drag it, make an excessive effort or tire your arms.

Best Luggage for The Weekend

A small or medium polycarbonate suitcase can weigh between 2.5 and 4 kg, which is convenient for short transfers. For short stays, they are convenient for their benefits.


The suitcases can be rigid or semi-rigid, which implies that they can be more resistant or flexible as the case may be.

The first ones are good to receive blows, while the second ones adapt better to the spaces and you can carry more things.

As hand luggage, both are a good choice for the plane or the car. If you plan to use a medium or large one on a flight, opt for a harder structure in case you carry objects that may be damaged by abuse.

Tips for your choice

Short stays have the advantage that the mobilization of your luggage for a weekend on the beach, mountain or other site is not limited.

If you travel by car, you can opt for a medium suitcase where you’re shoes, dresses and the outfits you plan to use fit.

For the plane, it is preferable a small one that you carry with you and in which you will be able to do what you need: some changes of clothes, a pair of slippers and some personal products.

But, to maximize the space of your luggage, choose to roll your clothes instead of folding them and wear a pair of shoes in which you can put the socks you will use and save space. The most important thing is that you evaluate the plans so that you can pack your suitcase.


For a short trip, just a bag where you can put the bath gel, shampoo, sun creams or suntan creams. Remember that if you travel by plane, the containers cannot be larger than 100 ml. Another product that may be necessary is the iron or the dryer.

The best luggage for the weekend

When buying, there are different prices and sizes that adapt to your needs. Here are the best suitcase models for those weekend trips or short trips.

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