What is The Best Brand of Luggage? – Comparison Study

When we travel we don’t always have our luggage checked. In the case of traveling by plane, we check our bags at the airport of origin and do not see them again until we reach our destination. This may mean, in addition to several hours, the stopover at different airports. In these trips, the suitcases suffer a lot, so the question arises:

How to choose the best brand of luggage?

It is at the time of preparing the luggage and deciding that you need to buy a suitcase when you have the doubt about how to choose the best brand of luggage. The market offers endless brands, all of them with different models, each with specific characteristics and prices for all budgets.

To choose the perfect luggage brand for you, you just have to take into account your specific needs: means of transport in which you travel, number of days you will spend away from home, the fragility of the objects you are going to move, the destination of your trip…

If we take a look at the wide variety of luggage brands that we can find you will see that the range of qualities, textures, and finishes is very wide within each manufacturer and among themselves:

Buy luggage according to your brand not as simple as it seems. There are numerous aspects to consider and that leads us to the following question: How to know what is the best brand of luggage for my family or for me? And what should I consider to find the best suitcase manufacturers for my trips?

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Best Brands of Luggage and Their comparison Study

You have decided to get down to work and start looking for the ideal suitcase for your way of traveling, that, in addition to benefits, offers you an affordable and suitable price for your economy.

The first thing you should do is analyze the characteristics that each brand offers you: quality of materials, closure systems and, very important! That complies with the maximum measures required by the airlines.

You have to take into account that the maximum measures required for hand luggage are 55x40x20 cm, that from 23 kilos of weight you will have to pay a supplement to check the suitcase and that with more than 32 kilos you will not even be able to check it. If you take these considerations into account, you will avoid taking unpleasant surprises.

For us, there are several brands of suitcases that stand out from the others in the market: Samsonite, American Tourister, Roncato, Gabol, Eastpak, Kipling, Hauptstadtkoffer and AmazonBasics. Next, we will talk about some of the most outstanding characteristics of each of them.

1. Samsonite

Samsonite is a brand with a century of experience, during which it has put all its effort at the service of technology to offer travelers innovative and top quality solutions.

The first line of suitcases he launched was called Samson, in reference to the strength of the biblical character, hence his name.

For the manufacture of their products, they use the lightest and strongest materials, creating highly durable suitcases. Highlights the so-called Curv®, which gives the suitcases a lightness and resistance never seen in similar products.

Samsonite not only manufactures suitcases, but it also launches other products on the market, such as computer cases, business wallets, backpacks, children’s items, umbrellas, belts …

If you choose a Samsonite suitcase, you are choosing the perfect combination of design, quality, and functionality.

2. American Tourister

The bags American Tourister are a classic in the world of travel. Their practical and elegant style has led them to become one of the leading brands in the market. If you want to buy a suitcase with high quality, versatile and durable, this brand has a lot of models that will fit your needs.

Here is a brief sample of some American Tourister models that you can buy online at a great price.Its history begins as an attempt to offer 30-year-old travelers an affordable and lightweight product. Over the years it has been adapting the materials and designs to the specific needs of the travelers of each era, until obtaining a wide catalog of rigid and flexible suitcases, ideal for each way of traveling.

If you opt for an American Tourister you can boast a comfortable, lightweight and stylishly designed luggage.

3. AmazonBasics

Amazon, as a world leader in the online sales sector, knows perfectly the needs of users and knows that one of our greatest pleasures is traveling. Know that the suitcase is one of the most important elements when making a trip, so it offers you a wide variety of options to choose from within your AmazonBasics suitcases.

To know the different types of suitcases, their benefits, and prices, you must take into account the comparison of the AmazonBasics luggage that it collects, both the specific characteristics of each suitcase, as well as the prices and opinions of the users.

To give you an idea of ​​the wide range of models offered by the brand, we have prepared a comparative table with some of its best-selling models.

AmazonBasics suitcases are an excellent option when we care to buy a quality product at the best price without caring for both the brand or the design, which although it is not that of other brands such as Samsonite, American Tourister or Roncato is very acceptable

If you choose an AmazonBasics suitcase, you are choosing the perfect combination of quality, functionality, and price.

4. Eastpak

The Eastpak luggage brand was born as a manufacturer in the 1950s, focused on the United States military sector. Thanks to this military look that became fashionable in the 70s, the brand gained prominence in a youth audience and began its journey as a manufacturer of bags, backpacks, and suitcases for the general public. It was in the 80s where his famous Padded Pak’s backpacks became better known.

Throughout history, the different ways of traveling have changed and evolved. And Eastpak is one of the brands of suitcases that have best adapted to these changes. Tranverz, Tranzshell Container or Station are the styles of luggage and travel bags offered by this brand.

To know it a little more, we offer you a table with some of its most characteristic models, where of course there are Tranverz, Tranzshell Container or Station.Each model has specific characteristics and offers different benefits depending on the type of trip you are going to make. We know how difficult and boring it can be to inform you about it. That’s why we recommend helping you with the Eastpak luggage comparison this year that we have prepared for you and thus help you make the right decision.

5. Gabol

The luggage brands are aware that there is no single way to travel but there are so many ways to travel as travelers and that, in addition, they have changed and evolved over the years. The Spanish luggage brand Gabol has managed to capture that spirit and transmit it in its high-quality designs at reasonable prices.

With a wide catalog of models for different types of travelers, trips, and needs, Gabol unites as few brands a great quality, an exclusive and recognizable design, and functionality.

Among others, innovation, design, and warranty stand out as essential advantages of Gabol suitcases. So if you decide on one of them, you will not regret it.

6. Hauptstadtkoffer

If you are looking for resistance for your bags, Hauptstadtkoffer one of the strongest brands of luggage on the market. Its main objective as luggage manufacturers is to provide people who have to travel, comfort, functionality, and safety. To do this, they manufacture lightweight, resistant cases with the most advanced closure systems.

The manufacture they use in their bags with ABS-coated polycarbonate makes them lightweight and virtually indestructible. Although pronouncing his name is not easy, if you manage to get one of these suitcases you will be able to say it long before the suitcase is broken by use. 

In addition, the German brand Hauptstadtkoffer has a wide range of models to each better, which will make your choice difficult because of its high quality-price in all its products. Here we leave you a small selection with some suitcase models of this brand.

In short, it is a high-quality brand at affordable prices that will accompany you both for your short trips and for the longest and riskiest.

7. Kipling

In the 80s, three friends turned their efforts into creating functional and simple luggage and sports bags, creating the brand of Kipling bags and suitcases. Since then, in addition to the resistance and lightness, the Kipling brand suitcases are characterized by their design, originality and traveling spirit. In addition, the monkey that is your pet gives them an informal character that has already become a classic.

The problem when choosing a Kipling suitcase is that, choosing it, because they have a wide variety of models, excellent quality and competitive prices that make it very difficult to choose one among its wide range of luggage models.

As shown, we present a selection of Kipling bags that you can buy online and that you will surely like:

In short, the brand of the monkey is an excellent option not only in bags or backpacks but also in excellent bags of great quality and excellent design. Do you dare to collect monkeys? Each year they launch a different one.

8. Snore

Roncato is an Italian brand that emerged in the 40s to solve the needs of the most demanding travelers. Its products are characterized, mainly, by the quality of their materials, the elegance of their designs, innovation in manufacturing systems and their resistance. All this has made it a luxury brand of worldwide recognition.

Not only does it offer us suitcases adapted to the different measures required by the airlines, but we can also find in its catalog other travel items, such as briefcases or necessities.

What suitcase brand do you recommend for my trip?

As we have said, there are plenty of luggage brands in the market that offer different benefits and different prices. There are those who only look at whether it is rigid or flexible if it has two or four wheels or in the closing system it has. But the brand is also an important factor to consider when buying a suitcase. It is important to be clear about what you need and what budget you have.

But if you ask us what brand of luggage we recommend for your trip, we have to tell you that all the brands that appear on our website are excellent. Some have slightly higher prices than others, but our selection of luggage brands includes those that provide the best value for money.

An example of a high quality suitcase is the Samsonite Cosmopolite . Considered one of the best bags in the world, you can find it in each of the standard sizes required by the airlines (from 55 to 85 cm high).

You can opt for single size or the complete set, ideal for long-term or family trips.

It has 4 soft multidirectional wheels that allow a silent 360º displacement, lined interior, and zippered mesh pockets.

Their TSA lock makes them perfect for traveling to the US In the North American country they usually pass routine checks in which they open “random” suitcases. If the chosen suitcase does not have this type of closure, they will force the lock and break it. Also, it makes it much harder for them to put something in your suitcase without you noticing.

The price of the Samsonite Cosmopolite can be high, but it is worth making this investment if you want a suitcase that provides quality service for many years.

Luggage brands for transoceanic travel

Airlines operate differently, depending on whether they are traditional or on the so-called “low cost”. In the case of the former, they impose their rules regarding suitcases. They limit hand luggage to maximum measures that must not exceed 55x40x20 cm; If you check your bag and it weighs more than 23 kilos, you will have to pay a supplement; and with more than 32 kilos they could ban you from getting on the plane.

Second, they offer you to travel to the most wonderful cities in Europe for a ridiculous price but which does not include the security of traveling next to your companion, fees, commissions or suitcase. Yes, as you heard, the suitcase. These airlines will charge you a supplement for boarding the plane with a suitcase, whatever the size.

That is why it is so important that you correctly choose the brand of luggage for transoceanic trips, for which yes or yes, you will take the plane.

If you are looking for comfort, lightness, and capacity, we recommend the American Tourister Soundbox Spinner, the American Tourister Bon Air Spinner and the ITACA 71170.

All of them are made of polypropylene, which makes them resistant and very light; They have ample capacity that will allow you to carry everything you need in your luggage; They have multidirectional wheels to facilitate their movement through the airport and TSA lock, totally recommended if you travel to the US, if you want to prevent them from opening your suitcase without you noticing.

Luggage brands for short trips

If you are preparing a weekend trip, you will be wondering what are the best brands of luggage for short trips offered by the market.

You only have clear that you need a cabin suitcase or a medium one but in everything else you are struck by doubts: what is the best material? better two or four wheels ? will it be enough with a zipper or better one with the combination?

We have already talked about the measures required by the airlines to carry a suitcase with you as carry-on luggage, something that you will not have to take into account if you travel by train or bus.

Among this type of luggage, we can highlight the AmazonBasics, the Samsonite Base Boost, and the American Tourister Funshine. All of them are made of highly resistant materials, while lightweight, they have wheels that facilitate transport and closure with the combination for greater safety.

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