What Does a Pilot Usually Carry in Luggage

Have you ever wondered what a pilot has in his suitcase? They have to be consistent with the space they have and that is that Boeing’s cabins are somewhat smaller than those of Airbus and if they want to have their things at hand, they have to sacrifice suitcase size.

Helmets, earplugs, flight diary, manuals, clipboard, pad, terminal procedures, tracer ruler, pens, pencils, highlighter, fuel tester, flashlight, orange vest for visibility, camera.

Helmets, earplugs, sunglasses, laptop, ruler, pens, pencils, paper, paper clips, iPad, NASA forms, flashlight, forms of different companies, passport, camera, calculator, paracetamol.

Emergency procedures, clipboard, iPad, helmets, tracer ruler, flight diary, flashlight, sunglasses, passports and identification papers.

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What do they have in common?

Passports and documents required by the company, for obvious reasons, I will not explain further.

Helmets and earplugs, there are aircraft that are very noisy in the pilots’ cabins or even in the external check-up, it is smart to take measures since exposure to high decibels can affect the ear.

Clipboard, very comfortable to keep papers and take a quick look, it is important that it is not metallic that way they do not have to open the luggage every time they pass through control.

Visibility vest, often the pilot has to leave the plane and it is mandatory to wear a vest to avoid accidents.

Flashlight, the pilots go outside to visually check the plane during the night.
Hulls for the cabin, very used Bose A20, isolate very well from noise, good sound quality.

Pens, invest in them, use them very often, they have to be reliable.

Sunglasses, can not be polarized, why? as simple as that in the cabin there are LCD monitors and panels and they block the light it emits, that way the monitor will look black. Also the windows of the cabin, with them on, will see spots that make vision difficult.

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