Ultralight Suitcase: Your Best Choice to Travel

In most cases, lightness is one of the most important characteristics of luggage, since they can mean the difference between a comfortable and pleasant trip and one that we want to end as soon as possible.

Therefore, we have compiled the characteristics of the light suitcases, the advantages they offer you and the best models that the market currently offers.

Why buy an ultralight suitcase?

When talking about weight and luggage, every gram counts. We cannot travel with all the weight we need, but we have to conform to what is allowed. That is why ultralight bags have been the best invention for comfortable trips. These are made of various materials, which, beyond being rigid or soft, are lightweight.

There are several reasons why this type of luggage is an ideal option:

They are much more comfortable to wear, especially when they have to go down or climb stairs or when we find potholes along the way.

They are an advantage when we have to check the luggage since they allow us to take that pair of extra clothes.

They are easier to store and handle at home thanks to their ultralight weight.

How to choose an ultralight suitcase?

Making this choice is much simpler than it seems. However, having so many bags on the market you may need a little help to know what are the most important criteria to pay attention to. We present them to you below:


This is the number one criterion, since we are talking about ultralight suitcases, so it is the first thing we should look at. A weight in which you can orient yourself to know that the luggage will allow you to carry what you need is, at most, 5 kilos for a large suitcase.


The volume is also important because it is useless to buy a light suitcase that does not allow us to carry any luggage.

The idea is that it is large and made with a thin mold so you can fill it well.

Most of the travel bags, whatever their manufacturing design, have different sizes, which have a lot to do with the weight and also with the volume. See which one is ideal for you according to the trips you make and the duration they are.


Finally, the final criterion is resistance.

Nowadays, very light cabin cases are manufactured, especially the soft ones that are made of nylon or polyester and that resist scratches or scratches, so they will last a long time and will not break.

However, light rigid suitcases are also very common, as manufacturers have been responsible, in recent years, for making very thin, lightweight but very shock-resistant housing molds.

What is the best ultralight luggage?

Here are the best models of the ultralight luggage market. We have selected the best of each price category so you can find what you were looking for.

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