Types of Luggage Depending on the Material

On other occasions, we have talked about rigid or soft suitcases, as well as other aspects that must be taken into account when buying a suitcase. This time we want to talk about different types of luggage depending on materials from which travel bags can be made.

In fact, this is one of the points that you will find in the product sheets of the suitcases that you will find in LuggageFair.com. If you want to be clear about the highest quality materials and what benefits they offer, read on.

Types of Luggage Depending on the materials

One of the factors that influence the rigidity, quality, and durability of a travel suitcase is undoubtedly the material from which they are manufactured. Buying a suitcase with a more consistent material will allow us to enjoy greater safety and durability.

Let’s look at the types of materials from which they can be made.


ABS is a type of plastic that is highly resistant to impact and abrasion. They are very rigid suitcases and their main advantage is that it is very light, although it is a hard material, which does not scratch easily.

The Gabol Line Turquoise suitcase, 55 centimeters high and trolley system, is made of ABS and offers you all the advantages of a rigid suitcase.

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Types of Luggage Depending on the Material


Polypropylene suitcases are somewhat heavier than ABS suitcases. It is a material widely used in the manufacture of suitcases. It is also very hard and resistant to shocks, scratches, and abrasion, but it has the defect that it has a somewhat higher weight than ABS.

This American Tourister Vivotec navy blue suitcase is, for example, made of polypropylene. It is a large piece, with a capacity of 90 liters and a weight of 4.10 kilos. It is ideal for longer trips.


Polycarbonate is even more flexible than ABS cases, although it is a more expensive material. Polycarbonate suitcase is usually used in high-end suitcases. It is very flexible and resistant to abrasion and high temperatures. Undoubtedly the most recommended material, although the price must also be taken into account.

For example, a large suitcase of this material (although it also carries aluminum) is the Delsey Vavin Securite Silver, 77 centimeters high, capacity for 114 liters and a total weight of 4.8 kilos.


Polyester suitcases have the advantage that they are very flexible. It is a lightweight material and resists high temperatures and humidity well. It is the one that is usually used especially in soft suitcases, which we already talked about on occasion, and have a very cheap price. The main disadvantage is that its impact resistance is less than in a rigid suitcase.

An example of a good quality polyester suitcase is the gray Samsonite Spinner, medium-size and four wheels, very light and resistant.


They are mostly used in travel bags and sports and sports bags. You will find products made of nylon in our backpacks section. They are very resistant and artificially manufactured, but naturally, they will offer less resistance to shocks and movements.

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