10 Tips to Pack Luggage Efficiently on Vacation

Surely you have suffered the stress of packing at the last minute and see how it does not fit everything you want to take on a trip … with a little planning and these simple but great rules, you will see how to pack from now on will be a game of children, even if you carry the smallest cabin suitcase .

10 Tips to Pack Your Luggage Efficiently

1. Do not stack clothes, better roll up

A great way to save space in the suitcase and make sure the clothes don’t wrinkle is to keep it in tight rolls instead of stacking it on top of each other.

2. Use vacuum bags

Vacuum compression bags are a great help for storing bulky clothes such as jackets and coats, stuffed toys, bedding … We assure you that using these bags will save you a lot of space in your suitcase.

3. Use the “pyramid” principle

First place the shoes along the walls of the suitcase. Then the most voluminous clothes, pants, and skirts. Now rolled clothes like shirts, shirts, etc. and finally, accessories such as cosmetics, chargers, documents and other small and fragile objects.

4. Say no to the umbrella

It is better and more practical than traveling with a disposable raincoat. It will take up less space in the travel suitcase, and if the weather is bad it will be better than an umbrella. And once you come back you can simply get rid of it to have more space for gifts.


5. Buy travel size boats

We are all tempted to include as many tubes and jars as possible in our tubes. However, it is best that you resist these impulses and be practical. Get the travel size versions of your favorite products.

6. Make the most of the spaces for small things 

When it comes to traveling with small objects such as USB memory keys, pocket books, socks, socks, sunglasses and reading glasses, try to take advantage of gaps like the inside of shoes, boxes, document folders or even pill boxes for earrings, etc.

7. Take special bags for your most delicate clothes

If you travel with delicate shirts, suits, party dresses, etc., surely the method of making a roll with them does not convince you. Normal. It is best that you get travel suitcase dedicated to transport this type of clothing, type of luggage that you can carry with you as carry-on luggage.

8. Do not carry more medications than necessary

There is no reason to try to take all the contents of your kit in your suitcase. Select well what you may need, do not take the entire box, and store the pills or tubes in self-closing plastic bags, which you use to store food. And you know, take advantage of the shoe gap.

9. Do not leave empty spaces

When packing, you may decide to leave some space for the memories you are going to buy during the holidays. This is a problem if you wear your rolled clothes, as we have advised, as it will move and wrinkle. It is better that you fill in the gaps, even with wrapping paper if necessary, but that the clothes and objects inside the suitcase do not “dance” during the trip.

10. Take only the really useful

You do not need to take towels, diving goggles, flip-flops … all this you can buy at the destination. You also do not need the hair dryer, surely in the hotel or in the house, you are going to have one available. You also do not need covers for the camera… .does everything that is not essential in your trip.

And finally, some shorter but valuable tips:

Prevent the cables of the charger and the telephone receiver from getting entangled by wrapping them in a small paperback book or some similar object.Wrap fragile and small items in a sock and place them inside a shoe, this will keep them safe during the trip.

Prevent your shoes from soiling the rest of the contents of the suitcase by putting them in disposable bath caps.

If you travel with your children and by age they already pay a ticket, it is best that they carry their own suitcase. For you, it is an advantage since you will reduce the weight and size of your suitcase, and they will get involved if they see that they carry suitcases like the “older ones”.

Also, if it’s luggage like the ones you can find in LuggageFair.com, the trip will also be fun.

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