How to Replace Wheels on Luggage? – Easy Tricks

The wheels of the suitcases are very diverse in size and design of the assembly, like the pieces of the luggage that help you to move everywhere. The wheels can be connected through the suitcase with an easy-to-remove fastener, such as screws or bolts.

Others can be connected with rivets or permanent elements others that make it necessary to seek professional help and replacement. Depending on your style, changing a wheel may require that you remove only the wheel, the complete wheel, or take your suitcase to a manufacturer-approved repair shop.

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How to replace wheels on luggage – Simple Tips

Pry or unlock and remove the wheel cover, if applicable, to expose the screw or bolt.

Unscrew the fixing element with a screwdriver, wrench or a hexagonal wrench. Set aside the item you removed.

Remove the tire from its axle. Set it aside to throw it away.

Slide the new tire on the axle, and put it in place with a rubber mallet, if necessary. Secure the wheel with the clamping element.

Remove the screws or screws that hold the wheel assembly in place. Set the screws or bolts aside. If the wheel rests on a housing, insert the assembly inside the wheel, remove only the screws or bolts that hold the part in place.

Set the pieces aside to throw them away. If you are dealing with a mounted wheel, take out the wheel, turn one of its sides and push the tip of a screwdriver against the end of the axle to drive the insertion shaft on the other side to release the wheel. Set the wheel aside.

Line up the holes in the new assembly in the holes in your hand suitcase, and then secure it in place with the tools. If it is an insert, place the wheel in the insert with the center hole of the wheel aligned with the holes on both sides of the insert, push the axle through the holes, and then insert the mounted screw and the rear wheel in place in the assembly.



If you are dealing with permanent fasteners, contact the suitcase manufacturer and ask for help in locating an authorized repair shop to replace the wheels of your specific suitcase brand. You can permanently damage the axle, wheel or suitcase if you try to change the wheels of this type of design on your own. Also, contact the manufacturer to determine if the wheel is covered by any warranty.

how to replace wheels on samsonite luggage

Samsonite suitcases have various sizes, shapes, and materials. Among the company’s offers are wheeled suitcases and bags designed to roll through airports and bustling hotel lobbies. The suitcase wheels in some of the company’s bags are made of the same material as the inline skate wheels – polyurethane. 

Samsonite suitcases can be adapted with inline skate wheels, as long as the wheel size is the same as the Samsonite briefcase wheel. Use a measuring tape or simply place the wheels next to each other to determine the correct size.

Place the Samsonite bag on the floor and upside down to expose the wheels. Insert the 4mm hex key into the wheel bolts and turn counterclockwise to remove the screws and wheels.

Remove any dirt or debris. Pull the old Samsonite wheel grab bars and insert the new inline skate wheels.

Slide the new wheels of inline skates into the case’s case – where the old wheels were removed – and insert the fixing screws into the case. Turn the screws clockwise to adjust. Use the 4 mm hex head screws.

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