How to Repair Broken Luggage? Simple Tips

How to fix broken luggage? The luggage is not exactly cheap so when our luggage is broken in the middle of the trip or once we have returned, it is really a nuisance to have to buy a new one. Now let’s see how you can fix broken luggage, step by step, and easily.

An excessive weight, that has suffered blows in the transferor that is perhaps too “old”, are some of the causes for which luggage can break us. If we have returned from travel and we are already at home, the problem has a solution: buy a new one, but sometimes we do not want to spend more money on the account so that we can apply solutions like the ones we will now see.

If you also break your suitcase in the middle of the trip, this step guide will also be useful so that you can repair your luggage without a problem.

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Steps to repair broken luggage

Depending on what the problem is with your broken luggage, you may need a solution to one another, but the truth is that with this we are telling you, you can surely fix it in any situation.



  • Pliers
  • Universal glue
  • Clean cloth
  • Needle and thread
  • Soap or Vaseline


  1. Before proceeding with any repair on your luggage, you must empty it completely if you are using it. In the case that it has been stored in a closet for a while, it is better to clean it with a clean cloth.
  2. Now, once you have your luggage ready, check which parts are broken and how you can fix them.
  3. For everything that is loose strips or internal parts that may have been separated, the best solution will always be the universal glue (of the Pattex type will serve you), so that you just have to drop a few drops on the detached part, join it, make pressure, hold a couple of minutes, release and let dry.
  4. And if you know how to sew, you can also try sewing broken or holes in the suitcase (if it is cloth), with the help of needle and thread.
  5. However, if the problem is that the zipper has stuck, you can try to pass some soap (in a pill) or petroleum jelly. Now try to open and close the zipper and surely the problem has been fixed.
  6. In the event that the zipper has come out or moved, you should take it to the initial position (or all you can) and reposition it with the help of pliers.
  7. With these steps, any broken luggage will have a solution. In the event that the breakage is greater and you find no remedy with what we explain, it may be time to buy new luggage.

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