How to Pack Luggage for International or Air Travel

Packing your suitcase sometimes becomes a frustrating moment because you are not sure what to carry and how to store your things. Here we help you with some tricks.


Normally, everyone is more organized when they have a plan. Therefore, I created a list to know what to carry in the suitcase I use whenever I have to do it. This way, I don’t forget anything. You can download my list for free and use it. I recommend that, above it, you create your own. Maybe you don’t have a laptop with which you won’t need it on your list. I advise you to take it on the trip and when you return analyze a little what you used and if you missed something.

I have had several lists over the years that I have been perfecting. If you don’t want to have the travel list printed, you can copy it to Evernote, a free notes application that can be synchronized with your mobile. In this way, you will always have it at hand. It is perfect to go checking that you do not forget anything.

It is also very flexible, you can add something specifically for a specific trip. You just have to copy the content of my list as a base and add what you need on each trip. To plan the clothes that you will wear during the trip I propose two methods:

Package on short trips

Organize the list by outfits/combinations of clothes you will wear. Put the clothes on the bed and visualize what you will wear every day. Once you have it, add it to the list so you don’t forget anything. When you put the clothes on the bed, if you see that you have two blue jeans, rectify, you will only need one. In photos that have a patch or a hole or so it almost does not show. Think of alternatives to combine the clothes you have and pack fewer clothes. Try to choose colors that combine with each other to be able to mix and match clothes differently.

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Pack on long trips

For longer trips or more relaxed vacations, organize the list by type of clothing: T-shirts first then the pants the swimsuit…etc. Why does a list help? Because there are things that we don’t put in the suitcase until the last minute. Until the last moment, we use the toothbrush, the mobile charger … but we don’t want to forget them. Seeing that my brand is not on the list that I have makes it instantly put in my suitcase before leaving home. When choosing clothes, keep in mind that knitting, wool and cotton wrinkle less and are more versatile. Consider also adding garments that can be multi-functional. Think of a double function for several garments that you pack. For example, Yoga pants can also be your pajama pants. The first shirt you wear during the trip, if it is comfortable cotton, maybe the one you wear pajamas during the rest of the trip.

2 Wheel VS 4 Wheel Luggage

Tips to consider when packing your luggage for a trip

If you do not know what to take and how to pack your suitcase, here we help you with some tips for you to consider:

  1. Check the baggage, handbag and hold bag, airline or airline policies with which you are going to travel and take into account the measures and the weight of the most restrictive.
  2. Take into account the weather of the destination to know what kind of clothes you should wear and according to the days of your stay, you have a list of what you will need.
  3. Never pack anything just in case, you won’t use it for sure
  4. Sort the clothes by sets, remember that in the hotels there are laundries and it is better to space for the purchases that you are going to do
  5. Pack the heaviest things under the suitcase such as shoes and pants, suits, and delicate clothes.
  6. Toilet products pack them in a sealable bag, remember that if your suitcase is handheld you should not carry containers that exceed 100 ml.
  7. Use cloth bags to organize underwear, toiletries, accessories, socks, everything electric. This way you will find things easy when you need them during the trip
  8. Always carry empty bags for dirty or wet clothes, shoes or whatever you need
  9. If you carry liquids inside the suitcase, they tend to spill out of the pressurization, so make sure you put vinyl on them, then the lid and carry them in a sealed plastic bag
  10. Check what type of plug they use in the country you are going to visit, so you can buy the adapter
  11. If you carry baggage, be sure to pack a set of clothes in your hand, for any eventuality.

How to Pack Luggage For Air Travel

Normally, when making the bag you must take into account the liquid restrictions of the airport security control.

I have seen many women who have removed brand new and packaged creams. It doesn’t have to be anything nice to happen to you.

Remember that in security controls, you can usually only take 10 bottles of 100ml. maximum each.

How to get everything you need?

Choose a shampoo and solid soaps instead of liquids. The best solid shampoo I found so far is the Lush brand.

It is the one on the left of the photo. I put it in a little box I had at home of cream from The Body Shop. (I always keep the product boxes when they are finished if they can be reused.

Reusing is the best way to conserve our planet earth!

I always try to reuse a little smaller boxes for my trips, as traditional soap dishes are somewhat bulkier.

The perfect luggage: use solid soaps

There is also solid deodorant, I use Lush’s, which is the white plate that you see next to the comb in the photo below.

Creams and hair products you may need, put them in bottles of less than 100 ml.

You can also reuse bottles of any product you used and that is 100 ml.

Of course, if you are going to embark on the pilot suitcase, you can carry more liquids with you, but really think if you need them.

Why carry the whole mask boat if you would only use a little one day? It will take up much more space (and weight) than if you put in a smaller boat with the approximate amount you will need.

For long trips, analyze if the product is really important.

The product will run out sooner and later and you will have to replace it, so evaluate whether it is worth taking it with you or not. Many times, you can also find the same product in other countries, or send it with Amazon to the destination you choose.

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