How to Pack a Suitcase for 7 Days

What to carry in your suitcase is something that all travelers (and those who don’t) care about. Bring more or fewer clothes, more or fewer accessories, this or another object, leave room for possible purchases or gifts, etc. What to put in a suitcase for a week is something difficult to manage, in Greenwich Suitcases we know it and that is why we are going to give you some tricks to make your suitcase well.

How to prepare the suitcase for cold destinations

The cold is one of the greatest enemies of travel, and even more so if you travel by plane and in your travel bag, only clothes can be used to spend a few days. And not counting coats, scarves, gloves, etc.

Look at the information of your destination

On many occasions, travel in winter or in cold weather has played bad passes on the contrary, for the good weather. Therefore, before packing and thinking about what to pack, look at the weather, you may need fewer clothes than you thought. Here you will know if you have to carry a large suitcase or with the handbag, you will have enough.

Make a list with the necessary things

With little space in the suitcase, you have to prioritize the gaps. Therefore, this trick to pack is essential. Make a list of the necessary clothes and allow yourself the luxury, if it still fits, of putting two clothes or a pair of shoes to spare. But be careful, calculate the weight and, especially if you travel by plane, check the rules of the airlines.


Wear the most voluminous

This is the star trick, and there is nothing like the satisfaction of ‘cheating’ the airlines with the number of clothes you wear. In addition, to leave space in your suitcase, if you have to wear a shirt, sweatshirt, another sweatshirt, jacket, and hat, it is carried. Who has not done this at some time?

How to prepare the suitcase for hot destinations

Making a suitcase well is one of the most complicated challenges for every traveler, and that is that, for a week trip, preparing a suitcase sometimes becomes a real chimera. For destinations where heat reigns, sometimes it is usually a somewhat simpler task, do you want to know some secrets?

Use bags

Fitting the puzzle in your travel cabin suitcase is usually a complicated task that can often be simplified if you use bags. For example, bags for dirty clothes, for underwear, for shoes, for bathing clothes… Thus, in addition to having everything under control, it gives you the option to juggle and occupy even the smallest space.

Watch out for liquids

Preparing a suitcase for 7-day trips (or 15, or 2) has a task that we should never forget: liquids. Especially in summer, colonies, deodorants, creams, contact lenses, etc. A series of elements that we must wear well separated from clothes to avoid surprises.

In any case, it must be clear that despite the tricks to make the perfect suitcase that we can tell you, what is certain is that the best of all is the Suitcase, in capital letters. And of that, in Greenwich Suitcases, we know and much. Will you let us help you choose?

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