How to Open a Luggage Lock If You Forgot Your Password

The only negative of the modern suitcases that open and close with a password is the fact that you can forget the number you chose at the beginning and not be able to unlock it when you need it. But do not panic, there are different ways to get it, so before you get to take a drastic solution such as choosing to break it, you should try one of the following ways of how to open a suitcase if you forgot your password. Of course, you must be honest and not use them with luggage bags that are not yours.

Tricks to open a luggage lock without password

When choosing the way to unlock your suitcase with code you must take into account whether the number wheels are vertical or horizontal because with one of these two types it is easier to open it than with the other. If you have already checked which system yours has, keep reading for the horizontal wheels and do it a little lower if you have the vertical. In both cases, we recommend never losing patience.

If your suitcase has a system of digits on horizontal wheels you will have to check them thoroughly until you find a small slot located at the bottom of the numbers, on each of the wheels. Once the groove is found in all three and placed more or less in a central position, the wheels must be turned two clicks to the left. So if the slots had numbers 7, 4 and 7 on them, the key to unlocking your suitcase would be 525.

How to Open a Luggage Lock

Anyway, if this trick has not worked for you or the wheels of the security system of your suitcase are vertical, like those seen in the image, you can choose to do something else. It is not a trick, but it sure will help you to end up opening your luggage bag.

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As the unlocking code of your suitcase has to be between the numbers ranging from 000 to 999, you just have to arm yourself with patience, sit in front of your dear suitcase, put the wheels in the 000 combinations, and start testing with all, from bottom to top. 001, 002, 003 … It may seem like an expensive and endless job, but it really won’t take you as much time as you think and you can continue using your hand suitcase as many times as you want, which you surely won’t do if you choose to break it.

Hopefully, in a few minutes, you will have opened it and if not, it can take you an hour. Of course, once the lost combination is found, remember to write it down so that it does not happen again. And don’t open luggage that isn’t yours!

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