Hard or Soft Luggage? -Which One Do You Choose?

Today there are many models of suitcases in the market. Among such variety, the material is one of the criteria of choice.

In the following comparison, we want to talk to you about the best models of rigid and soft suitcases and their characteristics so you can choose the best one.

Why is it important to choose your suitcase well?

Traveling is one of the best experiences of life, but preparations can be stressful.

However, many things are facilitated by stop worrying about your luggage, the effort to take it with you and the welfare of your belongings.

Therefore, it is vital that you know what to choose in terms of luggage for your next trip. There are two primary elements when choosing the ideal model: the materials, whether to choose a soft or a rigid suitcase and the wheels since mobility is also essential.

They can be suitcases with 2 or 4 wheels. The first ones are classic, they make it easy to go up and downstairs, they adapt to the terrain and you have them leaning behind you. The latter, greatly facilitate the effort to move luggage, since you carry them by your side and move very easily. Both options are good alternatives.

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Why buy a hardside suitcase?

It is a type of luggage made of resistant materials, durable and that have the characteristic of being hard.

In general, manufacturers of this type of luggage use materials such as polypropylene, ABS or polycarbonate, so that each model offers safety and protection.


The rigid ones can have various handling and transport details and with indispensable accessories as well as a soft one. However, what makes it different is that it has the ability to absorb impacts or withstand shocks with its housing made of hard materials so that what you carry inside is always protected.


Buying and using a rigid suitcase can give you more advantages than you think and some of them are:

They offer greater protection against shocks, something that often occurs during travel.

They provide great resistance since the hardness of their materials withstand the passage of time and the blows of travel without deteriorating rapidly, so it will last for many years.

They are ideal for trips to places with an unpredictable climate, since, just as they withstand a lot of heat, they are waterproof and you can take them in the rain without problems with the content.

They have beautiful designs that are very elegant and make you look great.


But the rigid ones also have some drawbacks such as:

Some models can become heavy, influencing the total weight of your luggage and causing you to carry fewer clothes or objects.

They are prone to scratches and dents and, although they withstand everything without deteriorating, their original color is not guaranteed to last forever.

They are a little more expensive than soft ones, although there are cheap rigid suitcases of very good quality.

What is the best hardside suitcase?

Before buying, you should know and compare several models. Therefore, we are going to talk about several models of rigid small, large and medium of various brands, so that you choose the ideal:

Why buy a soft suitcase?

Sometimes, what we are looking for is among the soft suitcases.

These are suitcases made of soft but resistant materials that are usually made of nylon or polyester and that can have two or four wheels, zippers of resistant zippers and, even, protection against water with waterproof fabrics.

They are known for their great interior capacity that even allows them to be filled a little beyond their capacity. Also for being light, economical and very comfortable when traveling, since they have useful and easy to reach exterior pockets.


The soft ones are the favorite of many and it is so since they use high quality and soft materials that provide various advantages:

Lightness in most of its models, regardless of whether they are large, medium or small since their materials are light and do not intervene in the maximum weight you want to carry.

Flexibility, which can be quite beneficial on long trips with lots of luggage. Some are able to expand a little more than their total capacity so you can carry everything you want.

They have pockets and closures where you can carry extra content and easy to reach.

They are much cheaper than rigid ones.


And like any other type of luggage, these also have some drawbacks:

Although you may encounter a soft raincoat, the most common is that they do not resist so much water or weather conditions that involve humidity, so your objects run the risk of getting wet.

They are not the most suitable for transporting fragile items, even in the airplane cabin, since their external material will not absorb impacts in the same way as rigid ones.

What is the best soft suitcase?

You know the pros and cons of the soft ones. Now, we present the best models of soft luggage with wheels on the market. Check out:


In short, rigid suitcases are durable, resistant, versatile and with a variety of designs available. Thus, your luggage will be protected in any situation. On the other hand, soft suitcases tend to be cheaper, flexible, very light, spacious and most have a variety of pockets.

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