Hand Luggage Lightweight Packing Tips to Travel

Are you paying excess baggage on each trip? Do you often forget items when leaving the hotel? Does your luggage weigh more than you can lift and are the stairs an ordeal? You are undoubtedly suffering from excessive baggage syndrome. Do you want to travel only with your hand luggage?

The good news is that traveling light, only with your hand luggage, is not as difficult as you think. Just follow the following tips the next time you are packing.

How to travel light with your hand luggage?

The challenge of traveling only with hand luggage or cabin suitcase traveling only with hand luggage is not as difficult as people think, especially if you have a quality and functional cabin suitcase.

Make sure it has outside pockets and a mesh net inside for extra storage and to help keep you organized. 

In addition, the use of a good laptop case or backpack with own compartments also allows you to better organize the space and everything is in place. Between the two pieces of luggage, you must have enough space for at least one week’s clothes.

Put everything you think you are going to need in bed, and then … keep half of it in your suitcase

Most people when we pack we tend to instinctively put our favorite clothes, all our electronic devices, the hygiene items we use every day, and multiple accessories and complements (caps, umbrellas …) to go prepared waist all kinds of scenarios that may arise.

It’s okay to put all this on the bed before packing, take a look at everything and think if we really need all this on the trip. Do we need so many shoes? And so many coats, jackets, and jerseys? Is it really going to give us time to put everything in?

Do we not have clothes that can be used for day and night? Take a deep breath and choose 50% of what you have on the bed. Surely you do not leave anything really essential, and if so, remember that wherever you go there are sure that there are also stores.

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Condense as much as possible

Is there anything that can be condensed or serve a dual purpose? For example, there are gels that can also be used as a shampoo. They sell travel containers, in small sizes, so you can carry the liquids you use (such as the contact lens liquid, the conditioner….). You can get both items in travel size(toothbrushes, dryer, razor …).

Do you need a charger for each device? try to reuse the chargers, currently almost all phones, tablets, etc. can be charged via USB, you will only need the cable for those who use their own connector such as the iPhone / iPad, or who use miniUSB.

I looked at this practical case. Do you need sneakers as comfortable footwear and other more elegant footwear? What if you try to wear good-looking leather hiking boots and avoid a pair of shoes? Remember that our goal is to travel only with hand luggage. Dispense with the accessory.

Hand Luggage Lightweight Packing Tips 

Take a small bag

Related to the above. Force yourself to condense to the fullest. Choosing a small bag for your hand luggage can help you choose what is really necessary. When you choose larger bag sizes, we tend to try to fill it to its maximum capacity. Start with the essentials, and then save what is not so much.

Create a colorful pattern for clothes

Instead of putting random clothes, just because you like it or because it is the last one you bought, choose a color scheme that you can easily combine. If you are guided by the novelty or your favorite combinations, you will surely have to wear clothes just to match those pants or shirts. Or the shoes … if this tone does not fit with these pants … and other pants to the suitcase.

Hand Luggage Lightweight Packing Tips

You have to be practical. Think about the type of clothing you are going to need, and look for the basic colors that do not pose problems when combining them. So you can avoid putting unnecessary clothes.

Avoid carrying things in your hand luggage for the “maybe”

When you think about how the trip is going to take place in your head, there are a lot of “maybe” situations that don’t go into your itinerary or planning, but what if they happen? What if I go to the beach and a storm is coming? What if I go on an urban trip and suddenly I feel like a walk in the mountains? What if I go to a rural cabin and I get a gala dinner? … Be practical, situations “maybe” rarely occur. Follow your planning and pack what you will need for that planning. If an unexpected situation arises, you can face it at the destination.

Prioritize the clothes you usually wear in your day to day

What makes you think that if you take months (or years) without putting on that dress, pants or shirt a trip is an ideal time to recover it? Think about it, you probably won’t wear it because it doesn’t fit as well as you think, it’s more awkward than you remember now, or a thousand more reasons. Choose those clothes with which you feel high every day for your hand luggage, do not experiment.

Bring items that you can reuse in your hand luggage

Usually, putting on a pair of pants or a new dress every day is not necessary. Surely for many of the tours and visits, you are going to do you can repeat clothes without anything happening. And surely you can combine it well and it seems that you wear something different if you have taken into account a pattern of colors. Except on very hot days or destinations, it is not usually a problem to repeat shirts, especially in winter. This means that if you go on a week’s trip you don’t need seven shirts for the day and seven shirts for the night.

Learn from your mistakes

There is nothing like experience. Mentally review previous trips and think about what you missed and what did not miss you. Surely there are clothes and objects that did not even come out of your carry-on luggage.  To avoid these mistakes you may read the article: 10 Luggage Packing Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Vacation

You can use bags to compress clothes

These bags are usually used to store clothes from one season to another and take up as little space as possible. The air is extracted from the bags and its volume is reduced. You can use these bags to gain space in your hand luggage and that the clothes you wear, especially in winter, with quilts, wool, etc. Have your minimum volume.

Roll up clothes

We recognize that we have not tried it, but it is recurring advice. When rolling the clothes it occupies much less and also wrinkles less, in addition to that we leave less free spaces in the hand luggage (the stacked clothes do not usually occupy the entire space, leaving many holes).

Smartly take advantage of hand luggage gaps

We are talking not only about the holes in the suitcase but also about your clothes and objects. For example, separate your shoes into individual bags, and store them on the sides of your suitcase, in the hole left by your clothes. Take advantage and store the socks inside, save some space and help keep the shape.

Not without my books

Waiting at airports and stations, relaxing moments during the stay, are ideal moments to enjoy reading those books that you have been wanting to read for so long. But is it really going to give you time for more than one book

Choose a book in paperback, much more compact and lightweight. Choose a size according to the duration of the trip (so you avoid having to carry several books). And even opt for e-readers like the Kindle. You can carry all the books you want with the same size and weight.

Even if what you want is to read all those interesting articles from backward magazines, photocopy them, scan them, or look for their digital version. Avoid filling your hand luggage with full magazines to read a couple of pages.

Not without my travel guides

We can apply the same advice as with books, do not take all your travel guides. Are you really going to plan your trip when you have arrived? Plan in advance what you want to see, where you want to go, and on what days you are going to do it.

This does not mean that or leave room for improvisation, but prevents the last day of your stay from arriving with the feeling that you have not seen something you wanted to see. Photocopy or scan what you need at the destination, or bet on electronic guides. This way you will avoid filling your hand luggage with bulky guides that you will use rarely.

Take advantage of the clothes you are wearing

Are you closing the suitcase and see that it weighs too much or that it does not fit everything you want to take? If in spite of our advice you do not manage to fit everything in your hand luggage, put on the most voluminous (that sweater or coat that you want to take), and put in the pockets (better if you wear a jacket or coat) small objects heavier (the camera, the charger….). Remember that they can make you empty your pockets in the control, but this is independent of the rules of the airline regarding hand luggage.

Do not miss our ticket on hand luggage measures

And the most important advice, make sure you know how many packages, what dimensions and weight you can travel as carry-on luggage. Although it may seem like a lie, today there is no standard size or weight for hand luggage accepted by all airlines, each company sets its own maximum measures in the hand luggage allowed on the plane, and these luggage measures can vary widely, especially among low-cost companies.

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