Check-In Luggage? – Your Best Choice

The suitcase for check-in is one of the essential pieces of luggage for trips to long destinations. Although many prefer hand luggage, it does not have the capacity, space, and volume that a large one can offer us for the aircraft’s hold.

If you still do not know which one to choose and what criteria you should take into account to make that choice, we leave you a buying and comparative guide of the best check in luggage.

What is a Check in luggage to?

The luggage that can be checked in is all the packages that are transported in the hold of the plane, depending on the airline and the type of ticket.

It is a larger suitcase than the cabin that we typically carry on short trips and allows a greater amount of personal items.

This type of luggage not only has standard features such as wheels and handles but must also have an appropriate weight to be accepted since if you exceed, you will have to pay an extra fee.


This is a very important type of suitcase when we travel for more than a week. Having him guarantees us great advantages:

Comfort is the first of them, since, when you arrive at the airport and check your bag, the airline will take care of it, so you will have total freedom to move until you land.

Greater capacity, because this travel luggage allows us to carry our personal items for up to two or three weeks of travel.

Savings, because, in most cases, this is free luggage to which everyone as a passenger is entitled to purchase the ticket. In this way, we take what we want on a trip.


However, the cellar suitcase could also cause us some inconveniences, for example:

Insecurity is the first inconvenience, since, on some occasions, they can be lost or get in the way.

In the winery of the plane, in general, it is where it suffers the most blows and impacts, so, if we carry something fragile inside, it runs the risk of being damaged.

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