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When I go on a trip I like to go with the least amount of worries possible and that includes my luggage, since, on past occasions, for not having quality suitcases, I ended up in the middle of the airport with broken wheels and backaches having to end up charging them.

However, in the meantime traveling, I have found the option that I loved, for its resistance and durability and it is about polycarbonate suitcases.

There are several types of polycarbonate suitcases, so we have made a comparison with some of the best polycarbonate models so you can easily decide which one is best for you.

The best polycarbonate luggage that is not only very comfortable to carry but is also lightweight. In addition, is perfect for all types of luggage, which makes me able to carry all my things and arrive safely at my destination after hours of travel.

Quick Comparison

What Is the Best Polycarbonate Suitcase?

In the market, there are many types of polycarbonate suitcases among which you can choose the best polycarbonate suitcase. It will depend on the use that you will give and who will use the suitcases.

If you are looking for luggage for long-distance trips that are made of polycarbonate, it is best to choose between resistant and durable models.

On the other hand, you should consider whether it is polycarbonate suitcases that children or adults will use. The size will also vary and the reason why you are buying it, if you need it to store clothes at home or if you need it because you travel from the frequent form.

The polycarbonate or ABS suitcases will be the perfect option to carry your luggage and if you are looking for comfortable and safe luggage. I have put together a comparison that will help you choose the best one.

Best rated Polycarbonate Luggage 2021 Reviews

We’ve researched a lot to recommend you the right one that will work best for you.

Finally, we’ve discovered and reviewed top rated polycarbonate luggage on the market for 2021

1. Samsonite Winfield 2 Hardside Luggage with Spinner Wheels

The Samsonite is the brand well known for manufacturing high-quality suitcase for many years. It is made of 100% polycarbonate material which ensures durability. It holds its specialty because of its quality and lightweight construction.

The 28-inch height and 15-inch weight of this luggage make it perfect for all types of individuals. Pack your belongings into divided compartments. The suitcase is also approved by most of the airlines. You may carry the luggage for longer travel with the best protection of your materials.

For easy mobility, the checked-in luggage features high quality durable multi-directional spinning wheels. You also surprised by its bright and stylish design and founds it into different color options that really impressive.

For secure traveling, the best traveling luggage features a built-in TSA lock system with a password. You may keep your necessities without any problem of theft. The push-button handle of the checked luggage is very durable and ensure comforts.

Moving this polycarbonate suitcase through the airport will not be a problem since it has 4 wheels that you can move in any direction since they are multidirectional and you can push with just one finger since its weight is very light.

In an elegant golden color, you can travel in style while your luggage is completely safe and protected in this suitcase.

2. Rockland Luggage 4 Piece Set, Charcoal

Undoubtedly, a magnificent lightweight rigid polycarbonate suitcase with dimensions of 35 x 20 x 55 cm. Choose your favorite within the extensive collection of 20 high brightness colors.

It is made of polycarbonate with ABS that give the suitcase great resistance, quality and shine thanks to its anti-scratch surface.

Provided with 4 multidirectional wheels and removable handle, it facilitates at all times the transfer even in people of reduced physical strength such as elderly or disabled.

It is very spacious inside and has space to store shirts and adjustable straps to keep your hand luggage in perfect order. The closure is by means of zippers and has a practical combination lock. Without a doubt, the ideal cabin suitcase for air travel.

3. DELSEY Paris Helium Titanium Hardside Luggage with Spinner Wheels

The Titanium Polycarbonate luggage claims the best position for its double spinner wheels and TSA lock system. You can easily keep your laptop up to 16 inches into its high-quality front pockets. The main compartment is expandable and you can easily store more if you need to store your necessities.

This will be the ideal polycarbonate suitcase if you have to make a trip with little luggage since it is the perfect size to take it in the cabin and will not take up too much space.

It is made of polycarbonate so resistant, that it will withstand scratches and bumps that will not damage its glossy surface, it has a zipper and adjustable bands that will secure your luggage once you have filled its interior.

The luggage features two interior compartments for packing the essentials nicely. The carry handle is very durable and ergonomic which ensures maximum comforts. The matt finish and external is scratch-resistant that protects your luggage. For secure travel, the polycarbonate suitcase features a TSA lock system and sturdy zipper. The dimension of the luggage is ideal for all types of individuals.

4. Samsonite Centric Expandable Hardside Luggage with Spinner Wheels

This is one of the most innovative and technological polycarbonate cases on the list. It is luggage that you can carry in the cabin with total comfort since it is approved by all the different airlines.

In addition, it is a trolley that has very silent wheels and capable of rotating in 360 ° for greater comfort.

Maximize your packing power with the well-known brand Samsonite. Samsonite is the brand well known not only for making luggage but for confidence. It is airline approved suitcase bag that ensures safety with stylish traveling.

The weight of the luggage is 11.5 pounds and the dimension of the luggage is 31×20×12.75 which is perfect for effortless carrying. The suitcase is made of original polycarbonate materials that ensure durability and safety. Fabric lining into the suitcase helps to protect your travel essentials for long trips.

The handle of the luggage is made of sturdy aluminum that makes the luggage less weighty and durable. Push down the handle when you want to relax or have a break.

To secure your travel essential the suitcase comes with a built-in TSA lock combination. Have a safe journey with secure luggage by setting up a password with the lock system.

5. AmazonBasics Premium Hardside Spinner Luggage with Built-In TSA Lock

If you are looking for a cheap but high-quality luggage the AmazonBasics polycarbonate luggage will be the best option for you.

For international carry-on and traveling for the weekend this travel luggage is the best choice for you.

The hard shell of the suitcase is made of original polycarbonate material which ensures durability and comforts. You can expand the luggage up to 15% which is very important for packing more belongings for preparing for airline or travel.

It features a fully lined interior with divider and 3 zipper pockets to protect your smaller items as well as other belongings. The mounted short handle is made of sturdy telescoping technology that is very ergonomic and comforts.

The airline-approved travel suitcase has 4 double spinnings where other luggage spins just backward and forward.  The wheels are very sturdy and move smoothly and effortlessly.

6. Melbourne 20″ Expandable Polycarbonate Carry On 2tonewhite

No products found.

The perfect polycarbonate suitcase is for you if you want something compact that you can take in the cabin and provide security to your belongings for its rigid structure and good quality.

What is cooler about this model, is that it is a set of suitcases of different sizes, among which you can choose according to your needs. If it is a trip for a few days, you have the option of a small suitcase, which will be perfect as hand luggage.

These suitcases are made of very hard polycarbonate, resistant to shocks and that will give you a lot of interior capacity.

The polycarbonate luggage is popular among travelers because of its lightweight and durable features.

The multi-directional spinning of wheels makes the moving easy for transport.

One more important feature is telescoping sturdy handle with push-button. The dimension of the best abs suitcase is ideal which makes it perfect for the airline. It comes with different sizes and color options considering the demand of consumers.

7. Samsonite Omni Expandable Hardside Luggage with Spinner Wheels

This is another best polycarbonate suitcase from the well-known brand Samsonite. We list this suitcase here considering its stylish design, durability, reliability and innovative functionality.

With a microscopic handle and a very elegant design, this suitcase is one of the best options that you will find on the list, not only because it is cheaper than most of the list, but it has exceptional quality since it is made with durable materials that will resist blows and the passage of time.

It is a polycarbonate model that has an adequate size that you can take in the cabin and has a security system with a numerical combination.

Fantastic rigid cabin type case with dimensions 19H × 14D × 9W inch at a surprising price.

The Samsonite polycarbonate suitcase with the Star Wars motif is the best suitcase model for children and teenagers fans of the saga.

This medium suitcase is made of high gloss black rigid polycarbonate thanks to its ABS coverage. It has 4 multi-directional wheels, a removable handle and a second side handle to carry the loaded suitcase.

The interior is practical, comfortable and protects the luggage thanks to its padded textile cover and adjustable straps that keep the clothes in order.

8. Rockland 20 Inch Polycarbonate Carry On Luggage

If you are looking for a suitcase made of polycarbonate or ABS which has to be perfect for children, this Rockland carry-on luggage is the best option for you.

When looking for suitcases that children will use, you should pay attention to the fact that this is strong enough, that they are capable of withstanding the blows that they can already give for this model you will not have problems.

It is very durable and popular for its lightweight features. The suitcase can be the best protector for your essentials because of its functional construction.

If features multi-directional 4 wheels that spin 360 degrees for transport convenience.

The luggage for children also features a chrome telescoping handle which is very sturdy and ergonomic. You will glad to know that the suitcase comes with different sizes and color options that really impress you.

The standard dimension of the luggage is 20″ H X13″ W x10″ D which makes it perfect for children.

The luggage is airline approved and you can easily pack your essentials into it. As we said before, the luggage is perfect for children but you can also use it because of its standard dimension and structure. We love the luggage because of its interior design and zip and pockets.

What is a Polycarbonate Suitcase?

A hard polycarbonate suitcase is one that has a configuration known as “clamshell”.

Polycarbonate suitcases are much easier to clean than cloth suitcases and often come in bright colors or even with amazing decorative patterns.

Those travelers who usually cram their soft baggage to the point where they cannot enter the upper compartment of the plane can benefit a lot with these polycarbonate suitcases since they will always keep their shape.

How to choose the best polycarbonate luggage?

Buying a suitcase, regardless of its brand or its manufacturing material, requires that you consider a very important factor:

What are you going to use the suitcase for?

The next aspect that you should take into account when choosing a good polycarbonate suitcase is who the suitcase is for. Is it going to be for a child, so you will focus on children’s luggage, or for an adult? A teenager’s suitcase will never be the same as that of an executive and it is good to have it clear before buying them.

Take into account the duration of the trip

If you go on a weekend, a light suitcase will be ideal, as long as it has different compartments that allow you to better organize your things. If you travel a week or more, instead, consider carrying a travel wheel luggage. Aluminum cases look very elegant, but if you want something durable, the best option is a polycarbonate, because they are light and strong.

Look at the compartments

It is very important, to keep your suitcase always in order, that inside or outside it has pockets and spaces that allow you to store your belongings in a more organized way. Think of spaces that allow you to discreetly store valuable items, or that help you find your keys or other small items easier. If you want to take your organization one step further, invest in cubes to pack.

Check the quality

It is not worth falling into the charm of the “bargains” for a suitcase that will last you a trip. Always check the quality of the seals and seams.

If you can, customize

Some suitcases, mainly those of independent and luxury brands, offer different customization options, either with colored stripes, monograms or other graphic elements. Whenever you have the option, do it; It will help you in the luggage bands.

The advantages of polycarbonate suitcases

Preferring the polycarbonate suitcase instead of a suitcase made of canvas or some other synthetic material has many advantages. The polycarbonate is resistant but very light consistency, which facilitates its transfer during the trip.

In the case that we need a large suitcase, we can always resort to quality luggage with wheels. And, finally, but not least, is the fact that a polycarbonate bag even if it is of excellent quality can be cheap.

To facilitate the time to select the ideal polycarbonate suitcase, we present a comparison with 6 different models made of polycarbonate, cheap, of the best quality and recognized brands specialized in the commercialization of luggage.

Among its pros include:

  1. They are ideal to protect fragile contents
  2. They offer greater security thanks to their integrated locks
  3. They cannot be opened with a blade since their sides have metal latches instead of zippers.
  4. The hard suitcases were stacked easily, which makes them ideal for cruise ships always placed in the center of the boat before departure.
  5. There is no possibility of filling it too much, which will guarantee that the piece fits comfortably in the cabin of the airplane.

Rigid Suitcases Vs Soft Suitcases

If you are going on a business or pleasure trip and you want to buy a new piece of luggage, the first thing you have to do is think if you want a soft or a rigid model, that is, fabric suitcases such as bags or bags that are made of polycarbonate.

The distinction between the two is completely self-explanatory, but that does not mean that there are not a lot of nuances to which you should pay special attention during your search.

Soft luggage is made of canvas or nylon and flexes under pressure.

Most of them do not have a firm outer structure, they are ductile, which makes them much simpler when entering narrow spaces and can be folded a little allowing additional space for other bags.

In addition to this, many models can be expanded further, allowing you to store more things.

Another advantage of soft bags that are not polycarbonate, is that if something gets dirty, you can take a cloth and clean them easily. In addition, dents and scratches are not usually marked.

On the other hand, hard baggage may be a more obvious option to protect the content, but there is still a good chance that a good hit can damage some things inside.

The models of bags made with polycarbonate will be able to offer you excellent protection, so if you have packed any fragile element, you will not have to worry, which is a real relief.

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The FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

Hard polycarbonate suitcases are one of the materials used in the manufacture of rigid suitcases. It has a rigid compound with high abrasion resistance, it is flexible and lightweight.

Most hard polycarbonate cases are brightly finished, but they also have a rough finish, so scratches can be avoided more.

Here you have some photos so you can see where the polycarbonate comes from and the procedure to end it in a suitcase. As you will see, they are balls that melt with heat and become a dough. This mass is transported through ribbons and rollers and converts it into plates.

When passing through these rollers, a colored or stamped sheet is embedded, which is what the suitcase will have, then cooled and cut. Finished this process we already have the polycarbonate plate ready to mold in the suitcase.

For some time, some technology has begun to be integrated into suitcases, bags or backpacks that could be interesting to consider. You may initially think that you are not interested, but you may be surprised by the advantages of smart suitcases or scooter/scooter bags and end up being a priority factor when choosing travel bags.

The most intuitive thing would be to carry a suitcase of 4 because the movement is more fluid and versatile. However, if you are going to travel a lot by truck, opt for one of two, because they will move less when you are on the move.

There are things that need extra protection. This is a good reason to carry a polycarbonate suitcase or at least a hard case.

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