Top 7 Best Flight Crew Luggage Of 2021

Flight crews are using that luggage which requires to employ ID numbers or referral codes from airlines and specialize in flight-gear that for general don’t have. The flight crew luggage is stronger and stylish than general luggage as it is specially built for airline crews as well as air travelers.

If you are looking for the best flight crew luggage as a crew or an air traveler now you are reading the right article. After research, test and comparing with many others from the market, we recommend the best product for helping our readers. Here, we have listed the top 7 best luggage for the crew. Take a look!

Best Flight Crew Luggage 2021 – Quick Comparison

In a hurry? Here’s a glance at our 7 top choices in 2021

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1. Travelpro Crew 10 22 Inch Expandable

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We give the top #1 position as the best flight crew luggage in the list because of the popularity of Travelpro among the crews and pilots all over the world. Travelpro is the leading brand for manufacturing luggage especially for sir travel along with domestic purposes. Among various luggage from the Travelpro, we have listed the expandable roll-aboard suitcase for you because of its quality and price.

There are 3 different color options for these products. I think we don’t have to talk about the dimension of the luggage sets as it is specially built for airline travels internationally. The expandable flight crew luggage features adjustable interior tie-down straps, extension aluminum handle, and durable buckles, durable and shear resistant zipper heads.

The luggage for crew ensures durability along with comforts and maneuverability as it passes all the mandatory quality tests for most of the airlines. The zipper, handle, wheels, fabrics, plastics and other compartment parts have to pass the quality test by the pilots and crews before manufacturing. Great choice for crews, pilots and air travelers.

2. AmazonBasics Hardside Spinner Luggage

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When you are looking for lighter and smaller luggage for flight crew and routine travelers, the AmazonBasics crew luggage would be the best decision. AmazonBasics tests its overall durability, stability, dynamic handle strength, constructed materials, and wheels and castor durability which makes it perfect as the best flight crew luggage. There are many quality tests that have to be passed by the luggage to ensure its quality for being qualified for the flight crew.

The hard side luggage is made of polycarbonate or ABS material which ensure its durability and strength. This 24-inch check-in luggage is perfect for 4 to 5 days of trips or adventure. If you are thinking for international travel for 3 to 4 days and also want to protect your contents this polycarbonate hard shell luggage would be your best companion.

The interior of the luggage is divided with polyester material and features zipped pockets for organizing your contents smartly. If you re liking to store more contents in the luggage, just expand the luggage as it is 15%expandable to store more. The telescoping handle and wheels of the luggage are sturdy and comfortable enough.

3. Timbuk2 Co-Pilot Crew Luggage

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If you are looking for luggage to organize your contents nicely the Timbuk2 luggage set would be your right companion. The luggage is popular for its easy packing capability and an expandable top compartment for keeping your toiletries or shoes. The interior mesh divider of the suitcase sets provides the opportunity to keep your essentials organized and separated.

There are 3 different sizes that come with the suitcase sets. Among them, the co-pilot small and co-pilot medium-sized are ideal for flight crew or airlines. You don’t have to pay airline fees as it is made considering the requirement of airline rules. The other size can be used as domestic purposes.

You are impressed with the wheels and the roller handles of the luggage because of its quality and smooth-rolling capability. It is lightweight enough to be accepted by most of the airlines.

4. Maximum Allowance Airline Approved Delta United Southwest Carryon Suitcase

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For packing more content, the Aerolite larger suitcase would be the top position among the list we reviewed. It is specially made for American airlines that means it is approved by most airlines. The lightweight construction of the luggage makes it perfect for most of the airlines for crew or international travelers. The dimension is also perfect for domestic uses or for adventure.

It is made from rip-resistant original polyester fabric material to ensure durability and strength. For effortless mobility and smooth-rolling, the luggage features high-quality wheels with a retractable trolley system. It also features a 1M high handle to carrying convenience.

The weight of the luggage is 4.62lbs and the packing capacity is 45L which makes it ideal flight crew luggage for long travels. It helps to secure your content as it has a combination of the lock system.  The perfect combination of cost and quality.

5. Ciao Luggage 15″ Carry On Suitcase Wheeled Airplane

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Are you looking for a spacious and lightweight flight crew luggage the Ciao carryon luggage would be the best companion? You don’t have to pay airline fees because of its lightweight construction. It passes all the test that is necessary to meet the requirements by most of the airlines. It is not only perfect for international travel but also perfect for domestic uses.

The suitcase is made from original ballistic nylon which is more durable than polyester or ABS materials that are used to manufacture other suitcases. The travel luggage can be used as sports, gym, carry on, backpack, weekend or for hospital bags. The standard dimension of the luggage makes it ideal for flight crews or domestic uses.

The suitcase features an interior lined compartment and pockets to keep your contents tidy and organized. The luggage is not perfect for long trips as it is small in size but to store your contents secure and organized for short trips.

6. Lucas Outlander Carry On Hard Case

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When you are preparing for air travel you should have luggage which is approved by most of the airlines. The LUCAS outlander carry-on luggage is the best luggage for a flight crew or international travelers. The luggage is expandable which increases your packing capacity when you desire to store more contents.

This expandable checked-in luggage comes with various eye-catching colors that really impresses you. The luggage is made of polycarbonate or ABS material which gives it strength and durability for trips to trips. For avoiding airline fees the luggage features a lightweight construction with standard dimension.

The flight crew luggage can be used as the best domestic luggage along with international travel. The suitcase features 4 wheels with a high-quality telescoping handle to ensure comfort and convenience. Your contents will remain safe into this suitcase as it is scratch-resistant and multiple zipper pockets for storing smaller contents line camera, tablet, or smartphone. The luggage has perfect balance and stability as it features wide wheels made by unique base structure. A perfect combination of price and quality.

7. Timbuk2 Co-Pilot Luggage

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If you are intending to organize your contents nicely into your luggage the Timbuk2 suitcase would be a better decision for you. Timpuk2, the brand from San Francisco, popular not only for manufacturing luggage but also for making confidence for 30 years.

The suitcase is very lightweight which makes it free from airline fees for international travel. For storing your toiletries and shoes the luggage features an exterior expandable top compartment. There are 3 different color options which are for multi-tasking convenience. Among the small and medium-sized luggage meets all the requirements for being the best flight crew luggage. The rest of the sizes can be used as domestic purposes.

The handle system features bike inspired comforts roller that is very comfortable and sturdy. Wheels of the luggage also sturdy and ensure stability to fix in a position where you want to take rest. There are various eye-catching color options with a smooth finish. Choose the right one among the sizes and colors.

What does a cabin crewman carry in the luggage?

The world of aviation raises many passions in many people, some of them dream of attending to and helping passengers, others of directing the aircraft, sharing their common desire to fly. They all love to know the details, secrets and daily customs of a world so close but so unknown at the same time. For this reason, we have asked our companion Montse Balsach to tell us the secrets and tricks when packing her luggage to live her day-to-day aboard Air Europa planes when she travels as a passenger cabin crew (TCP).

The passenger’s cabin crew, commonly called “Hostesses”, are our companions who travel onboard the plane and ensure your safety and comfort. His work always generates a lot of curiosity about the characteristic of his function and his position.

They travel from city to city, from airport to airport, from plane to plane; daily, changing the weather according to the destination, sleeping in hotels and living with their peers. They have hundreds of routine habits and daily customs. Montse differentiates us between three different types of luggage:

Bag: In the bag, we always carry a license, medical certificate, company card, and passport, as well as personal items such as wallet, makeup, mobile among others.

Flight bag: It is the bag with wheels (or trolley) that all cabin crew carries when we see them roaming the airports. It is mandatory and must always be carried, since we carry all the necessary material to carry out the flight: On-board Messages manual, current circulars, collection portfolio, calculator, pens, note blogs, skirts, jacket or on-board vest, seamstress, low shoes, shoe cream, toiletries and personal arrangement, spare socks and reflective vest for when we get off the plane. Crews wearing glasses or contact lenses have to wear spare ones, a requirement demanded by Civil Aviation. This is the basics but of course, there are crew members who carry many more things.

Overnight suitcase: It is one of the parts that give us the most laziness since there is to find a balance between lightness or foresight in the event of changes in destiny. Normally we usually wear casual clothes such as jeans, t-shirts, warm clothes and comfortable shoes for sightseeing in the cities when you can (less and less).

As we often do the suitcase it is easy to forget personal belongings that you later regret when you arrive at the hotel. In addition to a replacement uniform, there are a series of “fixed” garments that we always wear independently of the destinations. It is very useful to make a “comfort kit” to be comfortable in the room such as slippers, pajamas, fat socks and a sweater to be around the room.


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