2 Wheel VS 4 Wheel Luggage – Which One to Buy?

If you are thinking of buying a suitcase of 2 or 4 wheels and do not know which one to choose, we will help you. The 4-wheel bags are recommended for their total maneuverability, while a 2-wheel case offers versatility and lightness.

Kipling, Samsonite, American Tourister suitcases … all the recognized brands offer you very good quality models. We will analyze the characteristics of this luggage and the best models.

How to choose a 2 and 4 wheel luggage?

Two wheels Luggage

They can come in soft, semi-rigid and rigid presentations and include different sizes. The difference with those of 4 is that moving parts are often an integral part of the luggage structure.

The 2-wheeled suitcases can have a removable handle, a TSA lock or an elegant design, just like those with 4.

Four wheels Luggage

They have wheels that can turn in all directions and can be single or double. This distinguishes them from those with 2 wheels, as they are not integrated with the design form we already know.

Both have similar characteristics such as structure, lightness, materials, and durability.

Comparison between 2 or 4 wheel luggage

Two-wheeled luggage (trolley)

The main advantage to highlight this type of suitcases in comparison with those of four wheels is that they usually have a greater interior capacity. It is a very practical option for those who are more awake in their eagerness to discover the world as well as for those who frequently have to schedule work trips.

2 Wheel VS 4 Wheel Luggage

The comfort of the two wheels is a plus in favor to transport our suitcase down the street where we usually find small steps and curbs. However, it must be borne in mind that if we carry several luggage packages, traveling along the street will be more complicated and unstable.

As a recommendation, we recommend opting for two wheels if the traveler usually makes small stays that do not require more luggage, in this way the ease of transport will be guaranteed. Safe bets would be the Samsonite Cabin suitcase, the Samsonite Lite-Cube, or the Samsonite Paradiver Light backpack convertible travel bag.


  1. They tend to be somewhat cheaper
  2. Greater interior capacity
  3. More ease of movement on uneven terrains such as stairs and curbs


  1. The two wheels imply that part of the weight has to be dragged.
  2. They are more uncomfortable if we are loaded with more luggage packages

Four-wheel luggage (spinner)

This type of luggage is ideal for those looking for greater stability on long journeys and even when boarding the plane, where it will be easier to drag our suitcase. In addition, its main advantage is that all the weight is distributed between the four wheels guaranteeing comfort and mobility when transporting luggage. It should be noted that the latest technology in lightweight materials makes it possible for the weight of a suitcase of the same dimensions to be the same with two as with four wheels.

As a recommendation, we recommend the use of four wheels to any traveler that requires a large suitcase to carry their luggage, as it is the best option to facilitate heavy luggage carry-over. You can opt for the Samsonite Cosmolite, the American Tourister Bon Air or the Roncato Starlight 2.0.

In addition, you will not have to worry about the spare parts since we have a service that guarantees the replacement of spare parts with ease.


  1. This system facilitates 360º rotation
  2. Provides greater stability when distributing weight on your wheels
  3. Ease of drag, especially in heavy suitcases of large dimensions
  4. Ideal for long-distance travelers


  1. Lower internal capacity
  2. And more uncomfortable on uneven surfaces

What do the opinions say?

Experts indicate that a 4-wheel suitcase is much more stable, easier to carry or load and easier to maneuver than a 2-wheel. This is conditioned to the type of terrain, the weight, the use, the quality of the wheels and the strength of the shooter.

They have similar benefits and very varied applications. Although a 4-wheel trolley suitcase generally serves as luggage, others can carry tools, makeup, sound equipment, photographic equipment and much more.

What is the best wheel suitcase?

This type of luggage has a vast catalog that can include 4-wheel soft luggage for general use, 4-wheel children’s luggage for the spoiled of the house, or 4-wheel rigid luggage, designed to be more reliable and durable.


When considering a 2 or 4 wheeled suitcase, keep in mind where you are going, what you need it for and what size you need. Large 4-wheel bags are more stable and maneuverable than their 2-wheel counterpart. As cabin luggage, cheap 4-wheel trolley and 2-wheel luggage are a good choice. Trust reputable brands that use proven materials, reliable components, and whose construction is guaranteed for what is done.

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