10 Luggage Packing Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Vacation

Bad preparation when packing your bag (you have chosen the wrong shoes, you do not wear enough underwear, the clothes do not match …) can spoil your trip. We will share with you a series of suggestions to make the perfect suitcase.

10 Luggage Packing Mistakes that are common to us

Here we point out some important mistakes that you usually do when packing your luggage for travel. 

Error 1: The “just in case”

One of the most common mistakes is excess baggage. People do not know what they are going to wear and are afraid to leave things at home. To avoid falling into this error, the solution is simple, but the clothes on the bed and start making combinations to see what works. Try to choose the clothes that best combine with everything, and not wear clothes that only combine with some shoes or another garment.

For example, neutral-colored pants, or very simple combinations, such as white or blue. Choosing all the clothes based on one or two colors will make your task much easier, and in a moment you will have all the combinations made. And for long trips, avoid wearing as many suits or coats as the days of the trip. No one is going to notice.

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Error 2: Wait for the last moment

Waiting at the last moment (the night before leaving, a few hours before …) is a very bad idea. You will be stressed and you will not think calmly, so you will end up taking too many things you do not need, and even forgetting things you do need.

Luggage Packing Mistakes

You better start packing your hand luggage bags a few days in advance. Make a list of the activities you are going to do on the trip to determine what you are going to need: comfortable dress or sports shoes, dress clothes or casual clothes… as the days go by you will remember more things and you will also start throwing things away What did you plan to take? Time makes things think twice and what seemed indispensable is not so much.

Error 3: You forget to check the destination time

Many times we get carried away by the memory or what we have seen on television, but nobody assures you that in a tropical destination it does not rain, or that is a destination in northern Europe it is not hot. Verify what weather forecast is in the destination on the days you are going to travel. Get a weather app and check the forecast when you are preparing the suitcase and before leaving.

Error 4: You don’t take advantage of the shoe gap

Put small objects such as jewelry or jewelry, cables, and chargers, etc. It helps you save a lot of space, and also protects these objects. Use plastic bags with zip closure, which are used in the kitchen to protect your objects.

Error 5: You do not have in mind that you will return with memories and gifts

Do not fool yourself, you always end up buying a small souvenir for family members or for you. Be part of the trip. Be a forecaster and take an additional foldable canvas bag. In this way, you can take your purchases with you without having to think at the last minute where you are going to keep them.

Error 6: Purchase clothes expressly for the trip

Don’t try to have a new look on your vacation, it’s the worst time. The clothes probably do not fit as you expect, it is best to carry with you the clothes with which you already have confidence that fits you and you are comfortable. It is a guarantee. And pay attention to the fabrics, choose those that best resist a suitcase trip, surely silk and linen are not good options.

Error 7: You want to carry everything in your own suitcase

If you are traveling as a couple it seems logical that everyone carries their own suitcase with their clothes. But, if one of the bags is lost, one of you will run out of clothes. It is a good idea to separate the luggage of both between the suitcases, in this way, given the unpleasant experience of running out of your suitcase for a few days, at least you can continue enjoying your vacation without having to go to renew your wardrobe.

Error 8: Do not store your bathroom items correctly

Do not run the risk of ruining all your clothes by a badly closed cap. Place all the boats (gel, shampoo, toothpaste, perfume …) in a plastic bag with airtight closure. Zippered food storage bags can serve you perfectly.

Error 9: You throw the list you have prepared to pack

You have followed all the steps, you have your suitcase ready, and… you throw away the list that you have prepared with everything you are going to take. This is a big mistake. First, because it never hurts to check just before leaving that you take everything, and second because it is experienced for next trips. Surely do not repeat destination, nor will the clothes be the same, but many objects and garments will be, and as you travel more, you will have your perfect list.

Error 10: You forget to take something to snack

Assume that on vacation you will not be able to maintain a healthy eating routine. This is partly because you don’t know when your next lunch or dinner will be since it will depend on where you are. Taking some energy bars or small snacks can help you endure until you find the place where you will stop to eat.

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